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Yoga Sequence for a Better Sleep

By Jackeline Soto

Hey so we’ve already have had blogs about working out and right now we’re going to slow that down. Because how can we ever workout if we don’t have a proper night’s rest? Well I have gathered a few yoga poses I have tried that helps with better sleep.

    1. Forward bend: Now there’s a lot of variation to this pose but do what’s best for you. Honestly, I love to practice this pose at the end of the day to relieve the tension that I’ve build up the entire day.
        2. Child’s Pose: Now this pose helps you calm down, and ease your tension in the body and in the mind.
            3.  Corpse Pose: This was is easy you’re practically laying down, but make sure it’s on a hard surface because it’ll allow you to focus on your breathing and allow you to relieve stress.
                4. Butterfly Pose: This pose will allow you to stretch your hips, and although you may be wondering “how do I know if I’m doing it right?” Well trust me, once you find to which extent you’re able to do the pose you will feel some pressure relieve on your hips (IT’LL FEEL AMAZING).
                  5.  Seated Spinal Twist: This pose will allow you to stretch out the outside of your thighs, and help you focus on your breathing.

                    After every pose, you will focus on your breathing and transition to your next pose.

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                    Have the best sleep of your night with these poses!

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                    • Jackeline on

                      Hi Lana! Yes, there are other poses that can definitely help you achieve better sleep! Check out our recent blog post it’s a different sequence, hope it helps!
                      And thank you for commenting, I appreciate it! :)

                    • Lana on

                      Hi I was wondering if there are other poses that you could recommend for a better sleep. Thank you

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