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One Month Alcohol Fast

By Jackeline Soto

So summer is here and that means PARTIES! And with parties comes drinking (if you’re of age) and drinking is fun and all but it can take a toll on your body.

Turns out here’s what happens if you stop drinking any alcohol for about a month:

  1. Lose Weight

Going a month without drinking can help you lose weight. That’s right drinking three margaritas on one night for about two weeks out of a month can take a big toll. Margaritas have so much sugar and calories in them that you actually gain weight. So not drinking a margarita for a month can help you lose the weight that alcohol promotes.

  1. Clear Skin

Your skin can get clearer! That’s right alcohol clogs up your pores because it can cause an imbalance of hormones in your body which ultimately ends up in acne. And because more often than not you’ll stress about your acne and continue to drink which will worsen your acne. So go ahead and give up the alcohol.

  1. Better Sleep

You’ll sleep a lot better when you give up the alcohol. When you drink alcohol before going to sleep you disrupt the balance that’s necessary to have a peaceful sleep. And once your body is able to regulate itself you’ll wake up with a better mood, and concentration to take on the day!

  1. More Money in Your Pocket

Save money! Like a lot of money, because have you been to a bar or club yet? Drinks are pricey! So avoid buying a drink and save the money and possibly invest that in a dance class or fitness class that you’ve been wanting to try.

Or maybe buy some Leaner Creamer or Leaner Creamer Coffee (There are 3 Delicious Roasts), they’re both healthy additives to your lifestyles!

So go ahead comment below, tweet @leanercreamer, or tag @leanercreamer and use #leanercreamer on Instagram! I can’t wait to see how you feel at the end of the month!


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