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Starbucks + Leaner Creamer

So I know sometimes bad habits are hard to die, like my bad habit is having to get Starbucks at least once a week.

SIDE NOTE:  Since we’re a coffee creamer company we pretty much enjoy coffee from everywhere! And we know our Leaner Creamer family enjoys Starbucks a lot (I see it on Instagram so we’re completely okay if you buy coffee from starbucks we aren’t upset. Although we now sell our own coffee roast THAT YOU SHOULD TRY!! It’s smooth and delicious!)

But if you’re like me Starbucks is just a way of life. So I’ve made the conscious choice of picking the healthier drinks unless I’m really craving something really sweet and if that’s the case I’ll get a tall vanilla bean frappe.

But most of the time I don’t buy any frappes, I’ll actually buy anything but a frappe. So I’ve made a list of healthier alternatives that you can try instead of buying a sugary frappe.

  1. Caffe Americano
    1. This is pretty much a shot of espresso with hot water. It’s really strong and if you’re looking for caffeine kick this is perfect for you! AND ONLY 11 CALORIES!
  2. Flat White
    1. A double shot of espresso with heated whole milk. The milk makes this drink creamy and enjoyable. AND ONLY 119 CALORIES!
  3. Caffe Latte
    1. Order a tall Late with semi-skimmed milk for ONLY A COUNT OF 148 CALORIES.
  4. Iced Americano
    1. It’s pretty much the same as Caffe Americano but with ICE! Perfect for the wanted relief in hot humid days. AGAIN ONLY 11 CALORIES!
  5. Iced Vanilla Latte
    1. Need something sweet? Grab a vanilla latte. It consists of espresso, ice cold milk and some vanilla syrup! For a tall iced vanilla latte for ONLY 143 CALORIES!
  6. Caramel Macchiato
    1. Looking for something smooth and delicious try this! Order with skim milk and it’s ONLY 142 CALORIES.
  7. Chai Tea Latte
    1. A drink made out of black tea, steamed milk and spices! A delicious drink for about 103 CALORIES!

So there you have it eight different kinds of drinks that can be ordered at Starbucks without any guilt!


BTW I am not shaming you if you get a venti frappe, sometimes you just have to say "f*** it" after a long day and just enjoy it. But I just wanted to share different everyday options you can have without having to intake a lot of sugar.



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  • Jackeline on

    Hi Michelle! I haven’t tried that yet, 1/2 Black and 1/2 green tea but it sounds pretty delicious! :) (I’m going to try it the next time I buy Starbucks!) I’m relieved that you’re okay with my choice of wording and that sometimes you relate to having those moments too! Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it! (heart emoji)

  • Michelle Middleton on

    I am all about looking for a “leaner” drink from Starbucks (becuz for me Starbucks is a way of life too). I am a ice tea drinker – 1/2 black 1/2 green no sweetner or H20. But thanks for the new ideas, as there are def times i want to switch it up. That being said, once in awhile i say “fuck it” too and get something totally BAD. (Can’t believe you said the “F” word here^^ but i’m totally ok with it… just lmao as i read it!) But 95% i’m all about trying to stay on the lean side, so thx for the actual #’s. ;))

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