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Revive Your Gear

So we’re all into working out or at least wearing workout clothes right? (Like why wouldn’t you wear workout clothes, they’re so comfy.)

And with every wear they get older and smellier. Well, did you know you can put more miles in your workout clothes if you wash them properly!

So here’s what’s up:

For those shirts, sweats, undergarments, socks or any other articles of clothing that are “Performance” fabric need extra care.

Step 1: After using your clothes keep them out, let them dry (DO NOT PLACE IN YOUR HAMPER) or wash them.

Step 2: Wash with COLD water. This will keep the fabric intact for longer.

Step 3: Try not to use fabric softeners (YES I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT THEY SMELL NICE SO THEY’LL MAKE YOUR CLOTHES SMELL NICE) but trust me if you want your clothes to last longer just don’t. The fabric softener will get stuck between the fibers of your clothing which will ultimately lead to odor.

Step 4: Dry your clothing in the lowest heat setting possible. Again do not use the dryer sheets because they will limit the ability of your performance shirts.

And viola you have clean workout clothes that will last longer.


Do not wash them using a washing machine.

Use an old toothbrush and some soap to scrub the dirt away from your shoes.

If they’re too smelly you can totally use some Odor Eater spray to break down the smell.

SIDENOTE: You should replace the shoes after 350-400 miles & give your shoes a rest after every run. If possible alternate shoes for every run.

Remember to always give some extra TLC to your favorite clothing!

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