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National Lazy Mom's Day

By Jackeline Soto

Hey guys, well isn’t today going to be a beautiful day! TGIF am I right? It’s been a long week and you finally deserve to take a break! And lucky for you the weekend is soon approaching with high vibes of positivity. And since it’s September 2, 2016 it’s NATIONAL LAZY MOM DAY! And I get it, it’s Friday and you’re a mom and you’re just trying to take care of your children so you can’t really be lazy ‘cause if you are your household explodes. I TOTALLY GET IT! HONESTLY, ‘CAUSE THE WORLD WOULDN’T GO ROUND IF YOU DON’T COMPLETE YOUR MOM DUTIES ESPECIALLY WITH THE LITTLE ONES RUNNING AROUND.

But just try. It’ll make you feel better.

For today, and if today doesn’t work try tomorrow, or just take a moment out of each day to have a lazy moment because you deserve it and you’re worth it!

1- Go see a movie! There are lots of different movies coming up, and spoil yourself with popcorn or nachos!

2- Go get your nails done. There’s nothing special than having someone tend to your needs like your nails and paint them a pretty color.

3- Have you been spotting a new restaurant? Go and try it! Even if you end up at a fast food joint, go ahead it’s your day!!

4- Take the exercise class you’ve been wanting to try. Find the courage to empower yourself and make yourself stronger.

5- Take a nap. Obviously not behind the wheel but if you have thirty minutes treat yourself to a nap, you’ll wake up feeling fresh and renewed!

6- Buy yourself that cute clothing item you’ve been eyeing. If you want it, TREAT YO SELF!

7- Meditate. Find a quiet place and go within your thought and get in line with your emotions.

8- Try something new. Idk what it could be but pretty much say fuck it and try it. You’ll feel stronger for trying.

9- Go out for drinks! Gather your friends and do something together! Fun Fact: When you do something in a group you actually look less lazy and you’ll sometimes have more fun. (I say sometimes because there are times when you should just be alone to rewind.)

10- Buy yourself a bottle of Leaner Creamer. If you have the original flavor be adventurous and try the hazelnut and vice versa. Make your coffee extra smooth today and pair it with Leaner Creamer.


Tag your friend in this blog with the number that corresponds to what you want to do today or soon!



Moms –It’s really your day so go out there and own it!

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