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Easy Tips for Dining Out

By Jackeline Soto

So I don’t know about you but most of the time when I introduce a new nutrition plan into my life it seems that, that particular moment is filled with parties that involve cake or ice cream or sometimes filled with moments that involve a lot of alcohol. It’s always one or the other and once I realize “Crap, this month is going to be me partying” that new nutrition plan goes out the window.

So I want to help you out and help myself out.

I searched for tips that will help us integrate better choice making skills so we can continue the nutrition plan without having to feel like we have to throw it out to the curb.

  1. Know what you’re going to order

When you make plans make sure to get the name of the restaurant you’re going to later because this way you can go home and at your leisure google the restaurant. Make sure to check out their menu and decide what you’ll be having.

  1. Go first

That’s right. You have to go first because if you don’t you’ll be asking around about everyone’s choices and you’ll switch your mind and possibly order something that doesn’t exactly belong in your nutrition plan. So by going first you skip the hassle and you’ll be firm on your decision that will continue to follow your meal plan.

  1. Make sure you get it the way you want it.

When you order make sure to order with every little thing. Like less salt, less sugar, or low-fat you can always ask to make a special request. Make sure to ask politely though to make sure it’s possible and always be kind to your staff.

  1. Don’t eat too many sides

What’s the point of sticking to your guns while ordering your main dish that when apps come to the table you eat them. Eating appetizers like french fries and bread can ruin your meal try to order something healthier like a baked potato or steamed vegetable.

Remember that you should always tailor going out to your meal plan. And if you want to have something on the menu make sure you plan for it. Meaning if you’re going out to this place and they have one of those killer milkshakes that you have to try then eat consistently clean prior to the milkshake and then you can enjoy that milkshake because you know that you’ve eaten as well as you can.

Those are the tips, hope you’ve enjoyed them. Let us know which tip you’ll try next time when you go out by commenting below.


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