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National Ghost Hunting Day!

It’s OCTOBER 1st!! And it’s finally starting to feel like Fall! And since Halloween is coming up we’re rounding up some of the most haunted places in the United States just in time for National Ghost Hunting Day! Happy hunting!  

Pasadena, Los Angeles:

The Suicide Bridge

The bridge is located on Colorado Street. So the bridge was in 1913 but ever since 1914 people have been jumping off the bridge to their deaths. And there isn’t an exact body count but it appears to be more than 102 losses. Although tragic events there have been many incidents that the bridge is now haunted. Many report that they see a man sometimes jumping off the bridge and when they try to go help him he’s gone. There have also been other incidents that a woman is seen crossing the bridge and when cars attempt to swerve turns out there has never been anyone there.

New York Between Lafayette and Bowery

Merchant’s House
The house’s history is a bit long but the gist of it is that a merchant family lived in the 1832 house. Mr. Tredwell’s daughter, Gertrude was born 1840 and died 1933 in the house. And ever since then people have said that they often see an elderly woman standing in the door way and there are some report sighting of her father (who is less friendly). It seems as the ghosts will never move on.


Murder Castle

Now we’re in Chicago and it’s 1894. The inside is filled with trapped doors and walled-rooms. Rumor has it the owner never kept his employees for that long because he never wanted them to know all routes. So without the gory details the owner of the house is HH Holmes, America’s first serial killer. Holmes actually dismembered a lot of his victims and experimented on them too. Now people claim they see ghosts roaming around the location of the murder castle.

Let us know by commenting below if you’ve ever had an experience with ghosts or if you have visited a haunted house?


I really can’t wait to hear all about your experiences!


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