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Myths Debunked

So we all have heard myths that have been told us about going to gym and that is the reason why we avoid one thing or the other. Now some of the following myths pertain to only a gender and some apply to all genders (mostly all genders).

For Women: You’ll get bulky like a man if you do weight training.

The answer: UH, NO! Weight training will not make women bulky, it’s just not in our nature. The average woman produces a lot less testosterone (10 times less) than the average man. So go ahead, go lift those weights and be excited to gain muscle! You go girl!!! Especially, if you do weight training (‘cause those weights are really heavy and allow for great exercise & it’s a male dominated sport!)

For Everyone: You need to do a lot of cardio training to lose weight.

The answer: Semi-true? Yes, doing some cardio will increase your chances of losing weight but you what’s better for losing weight? A combination of cardio and strength training! You’ll gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously and you’ll feel fit and stronger too!

For Everyone: The more you sweat the more calories you’re burning.

The answer: Well technically you’ll burn a little more calories if you’re sweating but the truth is that our bodies swear because it’s trying to keep us from overheating. For example, that hot yoga studio that you go to because it’s so hot you naturally sweat, wrong but you swear by it because you feel so good after. Well, that could mean two things, one: your body just released lots of endorphins because you just exercised so you’re happy and feeling great. Two: When you sweat you’re pretty much releasing all the toxins in your body and again leaving you happy and accomplished.

For Everyone: You need to look like the people in the magazines to be considered healthy and fit.

The answer: FALSE! If you’re working out, and eating pretty healthy then there is no need to worry about not looking like the models in the magazine. You determine if you’re fit. For example, I get a lot of “of if you did this, you’ll look better” but I always respond “fool, don’t worry about me. I may not look the picture of health but I am strong. Probably stronger than you” and I walk away. So yeah. (BTW: if you’ve only ran for the first time today you’re automatically a runner okay! If you’ve only cycled for the first time today you’re automatically a cyclist. And so on.)


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