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Let's Meditate

So we’ve all have busy lives and very rarely we enjoy ourselves or give ourselves a moment of deep relaxation and I understand that lots of you probably cannot afford the luxury of giving yourself a moment because you have school, jobs, and/or children. But attempt to give yourself five minutes. Once you put the children to bed, or once you’re done with school and work give yourself five minutes trust me you won’t regret it!



Step 1: Cross your legs in Vajra posture. (This posture will definitely help in decreasing your thoughts and feelings so you can truly achieve inner peace).

Step 2: Your right hand is placed in the left hand, palms facing upward. Your hands are placed about four fingers width below your navel to develop concentration.

(Did you know? That your hand placement are symbols. Your right hand represents methods and your left hand represents wisdom. And your thumbs represent your inner fire).

Step 3: Now your back is straight but not too straight where it’s uncomfortable. This posture will help you achieve a clear mind.

Step 4: Your jaw is as normal but place the tip of your tongue at the back of your upper teeth. This will keep your mouth from becoming dry.

Step 5: Your head is tilted a little forward with your chin tucked in so your eyes are looking down. This will keep your mind from running too wild.

Step 6: Your eyes are not completely opened or completely closed but are half open and are focusing on the line of your nose. They’re half open so you don’t get too excited and so you don’t get too sleepy.

Step 7: Your shoulders are leveled, not raised up or slouched. Your elbows are slightly to the side for better breathing. Remember to breathe a normal as possible.

If something is too uncomfortable you can adjust remember this is for you to achieve inner peace and comfortability.

Once you got this down, let me know if you’d like a blog solely on breathing techniques to achieve a deeper meditation!


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