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A Vow Update


A running jacks 'cause really what else would I be doing?

Hey guys, so it’s been a week since I made that vow so here’s the update:

1. I’ve been drinking a cup of coffee with my favorite coffee creamer: Hazelnut Leaner Creamer.

2. I have been trail running or hiking as much as possible. With the occasional home workout.

3. I have been eating a lot better. I’ve reduced the amount of unnecessary calories I usually ate with a healthier source of energy: fruits and veggies.

(SIDE NOTE: Trader Joe’s Pasadena salad is delicious! I’m hooked. This salad is my salad to go salad, my I need a picker upper salad to go!)

4. Now that I’m replacing unnecessary junk food, my sugar craving has gone down.

5. I’m drinking lots of water which ultimately boosts my energy, and helps me flush out unwanted toxins that are living inside my body.

6. Now that I’m working out a bit more, I’m even more proud to have this body that I’m blessed with. I realized my body is so strong, that it can accomplish everything.

7. Yes I’ve had pizza this week but instead of eating three slices, I had a slice with a side of fruit and a side of salad so there is a happy medium. Please don't keep yourself from eating what you'd actually enjoy, just keep in mind proportions.

8. I feel like I have a lot more energy. Now that I’m eating better and working out I feel more awake throughout the entire day.

9. I have a regular sleep schedule. I like to fall asleep by 11 pm the latest so I can feel fresh when I wake up at 5 or 6 depending on my work out for that specific day.

10. I’m happy. I’m measuring my program not only on the pounds I’m losing but on my happiness. Overall my happy levels definitely increased.

As of now I have a happy mind, and happy body!

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Can’t wait to see your progress!


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