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Let's Get Better Sleep

Hey friends, since this week we’re talking about feeling better, we can only start to feel better when we start taking care of ourselves. And to do this we have to have a better night’s rest. I understand it’s difficult to catch up on sleep when there is so much going on, and the fear of missing out is big but we NEED TO TAKE BETTER CARE of ourselves!!!

Step 1: Unplug

Yup, sounds simple right? Just log off of all your social media accounts and you’ll get a better night’s rest because you won’t be receiving all the notifications. And if you’re anything like me you start off on Instagram click on some hashtag then click on an account then another hashtag and suddenly you’re on a profile about cute hairstyles? Like what, this is unnecessary. And then you’ll log onto Facebook and watch countless dog videos (which by the way I completely enjoy!!!). And the more time you spend online the more you activate your brain the less likely you’ll be able to go to sleep.

2. Write down your thoughts!

YES!!! HUNDRED TIMES YES!! This is actually quite helpful as it relaxes your mind. Writing down your worries or fears actually helps relieve your anxiety that keeps you up at night. Who knows maybe you’ll find a pattern and you’ll be better able to indicate where your stress stems from and help unclutter your mind and life!

3. Meditate

Pick a spot, sit down, and surround yourself in peace. Enter a tranquil state of mind by playing some calming background music. Become aware of your surroundings and your presence in the room. Slowly, understand your worth and confidence and understand that you bring love and happiness to the world.

4. Plan

If you have an hour to kill before going to sleep, plan your time. For example, maybe read a book or engage in an activity that is quiet and that will relax your mind! If you have an hour before going to sleep don’t engage in too much work because once again you’ll activate your mind. AND WE DO NOT WANT THAT!

Comment below if you have any tips that help you achieve a better night’s rest.

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