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Halloween Tips



So I know many of you have a Halloween party tonight, or maybe you’re going clubbing or bar hopping and no matter what I’D LIKE YOU TO HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

But most importantly I’D LIKE YOU TO BE SAFE!!! And since we’re family here are a few tips you should follow, or tips I know work to be extra safe.

1. Please obey the laws of the land and regulations of an establishment.

2. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. If you’re questioning if you’ve had too much to drink you’re too far gone to drive. Uber or lyft your way home please. Or make sure you have a designated driver to take you home.

3. Share your location. When I go out alone or with my group of friends we always share location because if we get separated we still have a clue to where the other person is at.

4. Watch your drink!! If someone offers to buy you a drink and you accept go to the bar with them, literally watch the drink being made until it gets to your hands.

5. Know your limits. Just because your next drink may be free doesn’t mean you should drink it if you’re intoxicated.

6. Help other people. You see an unsafe situation, step in and help but do not place yourselves in danger. Remember kindness.

7. Make sure your phone is charged before you head to your festivities.

8. Carry cash. Keep it tucked away but always carry cash just in case your credit cards go missing.

9. If anything makes you uncomfortable remove yourself from the situation.

10. Make a game plan before you head out. For example, around what time is reasonable for you to be home before you decide to call off work or school tomorrow. If you’re going all out, make sure you already thought about transportation and sleeping arrangements for post-party madness.

11. Use the buddy system. Always let someone know where you’re at.

12. If you’re dressing up, make sure your costume is comfortable. For example heels, opt out for flats so you can dance hours and hours and if you can do that in heels props to you ‘cause I can’t to save my life! Or masks, yeah they’re cute but after being in a stuffy room for about an hour you’d have to take it off then you end up carrying it out and limiting your dance movement!

13. Just remember to listen your body. Know your limits once again.


There you go if you have any other tips people should know before partying comment below!

We wish you a very happy and safe Halloween!!


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