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Feeling Burned Out?

Hey friends, so we just got through Halloween and now we’re entering official holiday season which can sometimes be mentally and emotionally draining. Not that spending time with family is awful no it’s the exact opposite it’s actually a really joyful time but having to spend time with family without taking a little breather can be a bit draining. And add work, school, or a personal life onto that you can completely feel burned out. Most of the time we’ll just push the feelings to the side because we have to power through it and continue with life ya know but it’s important to take care of yourselves this holiday season. And just maybe you’re telling yourself “I’m just a little exhausted not too bad, I can handle this. But it’s important to look at the warning signs and actually give yourself a little bit of time to recover.”

So what are the warning signs?

1. It seems like you have been sick for a very long time and you do everything in your power to feel better but nothing works.

2. Sleep is not enough. You go to bed and get your eight hours of sleep but you wake up even more tired than you fell asleep.

3. Having to spend time with your friends sounds good in theory but actually having to go spend time with them is mentally and physically draining.

4. It is becoming difficult to feel happy.

5. It seems as if you have lost yourself and you’re feeling quite off and nothing is helping.

How you can help yourself:

1. Get some exercise. Adding some exercise or going for a walk at least twenty minutes a day can help you improve the way you feel and help you deal with the stress that’s bringing you down.

2. Identify what causes you stress. Once you can look at your stressors then you can evaluate how to manage the stress and make life less overwhelming. Which is what you need because when life becomes overwhelming life becomes foggy and you no longer enjoy it.

3. Ask for help. Go talk to someone you trust and express your feelings. Heck sometimes just talking about your feelings or fears relieves a lot of stress.

4. Get rid of what stresses you out. If it’s that job that’s causing so much stress get rid of it. If it’s your school load, take it down a notch or take a quarter off.

5. Invest your time in something that you enjoy. Take up a hobby, do something that’s interesting to you.

Remember to get the help you need, and to take all the time you need.

Comment below if you have any other tips that helps relieve stress.


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