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Kiwi-Berry Mania!

Hey family! How are you? Hope you’re doing really well, and that you have a great start to this week!

So this week I’m all about KIWIs (the fruit, lol). Which is really weird because when I was younger I always avoided kiwi. Something about the taste and texture did not mix well for me but now that I’m older, I AM OBSESSED WITH KIWI! And there are so many reasons why you should be obsessed with kiwi too.

For example:

1. Move over Orange! That’s right, were always told eat some oranges if you’re low on Vitamin C but guess what?! Kiwis have one of the highest sources of Vitamin C!!

2. Kiwis can actually be used as a natural sleep inducer. Yup, having some trouble sleeping well eat a kiwi!

3. Kiwis are great at regulating digestion.

4. Kiwis help promote beautiful skin!!!

So I know I’m just listing some reasons and you’re probably thinking so what? Well I just wanted to give you a few reasons for my obsession with kiwis and below you’ll find a delicious recipe that duh involves kiwis!

What you need:

1 Cup Frozen Strawberries

¾ Cup Frozen Raspberries

½ Cup Frozen Blueberries

1 Teaspoon Leaner Creamer

2 Kiwifruits (Peeled & Sliced)

1 Cup Orange Juice

Handful of Spinach (Optional)

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds (Optional)

What you need to do:

Before you blend, let your frozen fruits thaw a bit.

Blend the fruits, and orange juice using a blender until smooth.

Top with other berries or more kiwi!!!

There you have it a wonderful recipe that involves kiwis and other berries to keep you strong and healthy!

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