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Let's Achieve Healthy Skin!

So with Halloween coming up many of us are placing different kinds of product onto our face that are causing our breakouts or just really irritating out skin.

Like for me I have very sensitive skin, so I try to keep whatever I add onto my face at a minimum and Halloween is making this very difficult because I’d like to dress up this year.

So here are a few tips to keep your skin looking clear and looking healthy.

1. Wash your face at least once a day. I like to wash my face mostly at night as it helps me relax better with a clean face and it helps me get rid of the dirt that has collected throughout the day.

2. Use an Alcohol Free toner! An alcohol free toner can help even skin tone and help remove all the dirt on your face without drying or irritating your face.

3. Don’t touch your face!!! This is one is so hard for me to do and as of lately I’m actually following this. The reason behind it is that when you touch your face with your hands, your hands are already a bit dirty. Not visibly dirty but your hands touch so many things, like door knobs, keyboards, and counters and then you touch your face adding dirt and germs that can cause acne because then you’re clogging your pores.  

4. Drink water. Water helps get rid of toxins and keep your skin hydrated.

5. Try eating oats, carrots, and chia seeds! These foods provide a lot of powerful antioxidants with bacteria fighting properties that will help clear acne and or keep your skin from getting acne!

6. Clean your phone! Just like tip number three, your phone helps foster and spread bacteria that is then transferred to your face which may lead your breakouts.

7. Stop eating too much sugar. When your body receives an excess amount of sugar your body starts to produces an excess amount of oil which can result in unwanted acne. You can fight this with a balanced diet!

There you have it, seven simple tips to help reduce acne or irritation. I know it’s Halloween season so you’re probably trying different kind of makeup every day to see what works best but remember to be nice to your skin and treat it well!


Btw you should totally tag us on your best Halloween make up looks because we’re dying to know what you’re going to be!!! I’m so excited to see your costumes!

Also extra side note: if you have any beauty products that you know don’t irritate your skin and you’d like to review it, leave a comment with the products name and give your little review. I’m always up for trying new products. Or should I create a new post with the reviews of the masks I use (they vary in different price ranges from drug store masks to the higher end body shops)!


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