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Fitness Tips!

Hey y’all I don’t know if you have noticed but like Halloween is approaching and I don’t know if you’re in the same boat as me but I have yet to find a costume and I wanted to tone my legs and arms a bit more. So this blog post is going to be little tips to keep in mind to help you lose weight all year long.

1. Plan your meals and snacks. When you plan your meals you actually make a conscious decision to avoid anything you didn’t plan for which can sometimes be processed food high in sugar. It also helps to make a grocery list because then you’re just picking food from the list, a thoughtfully planned out list. By planning your meals you can also get breakfast out of the way by the night before with overnight oats or smoothie prep.

2. Sleep. I know I have mentioned this one before and it’s kind of hard to sleep when you have things to do but sleep helps you stay refreshed. Sleep helps regulate your hormones and metabolism which is necessary to lose weight and to keep your body healthy!

3. Run. Now I’m not saying only run because you need to challenge your body in different ways so you won’t plateau. But if you have time for a thirty minute workout and you completed an arm sequence that’s ten minutes then I suggest go running for twenty minutes until you hit the thirty minute mark. So say if you completed a 25 minute workout go running for the last five minutes until you reach thirty minutes. By running after your workout you’re more likely to lose weight because you’re completing strength training and cardio. A DOUBLE WHAMMY!

4. Plan your workouts! Yup just like planning your meals, planning your workouts can keep you accountable. And I’m not saying to completely decide on a workout plan like on Monday I’ll do 15 lunges, 10 squats, and 10 leg presses unless this works for you then go for it. I know for some people they need structure so creating all the sequences on Sunday for your week you can avoid confusion and keep you on track. But if you’re like me, you decide on the day of and what I like to do is plan out what body part I’ll be focusing on that day. For example on Sunday I’ll decide Monday: cardio only, Tuesday: Arms, Wednesday, Legs, Thursday: Yoga Friday: Inner Thighs and so on where I have some structure but I decide what kind of moves I’m doing the day of.

5. DRINK WATER. Yes, a lot of times we eat a lot more than we should just because we think we’re hungry when in fact your probably dehydrated. I like to drink half a glass of water before eating, eat my meal and I think I’m still hungry then I’ll drink the other half of water. And at this point I decide if I’m comfortable, like full comfortable, because sometimes you can be full but ya know you overate and feel uncomfortable. If I feel I can still eat a bit more then I’ll go for seconds and I’ll stop when I’m comfortable. Besides helping with overeating, drinking water can keep you alert and help prevent headaches! Water is magical.


There you have it, five simple tips that you can implement into your lifestyle no matter at what fitness level you’re at! Let me know if you have any tips that really work for you and you’d like to share.


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    Yes, I’m excited for your new recipes, etc!!!

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