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Let's Make the Booty Pop!

Many of you are dressing up since Halloween is around the corner and are probably trying to find a way to tighten your legs since y’all will be showing them off! And I mean can I blame you? Of course not since you all have beautiful and powerful legs but below is a quick workout that will make your legs even more powerful and make your booty rounder!

First thing’s first:

Single Leg Bridge:

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Now extend one of your legs to the front of you and lift. Raise your hips as high as you can and hold for three seconds. Lower your hips, repeat for about 30 seconds before switching legs.

Squat Jacks:

Stand with your feet together shoulder width apart. Jump up and spread your feet a bit more and squat. Jump back up and return to starting position (feet shoulder width apart).

Lunge Back Kick:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart take a step forward with your left leg and lunge. As you come back up to starting position kick your left leg back. MAKE SURE TO SQUEEZE THE GLUTES. Switch legs and repeat.

Side Plank Hip Abduction:

Start in a modified side plank position. With your top leg extended and with your bottom leg bent back lift your top leg as high as you can. Then lower it, repeat for ten reps before switching.

Knee to Elbow Kickback (Mountain Climbers):

Starting a low plank position bring your right knee close to your right elbow and crunch. Extend your right leg behind you and kick back. Switch legs. Try to do this in a faster pace for a more intense workout but do not strain yourself. You know your body so listen to your body!


There you have it five moves that anyone from any fitness level can complete. This sequence is perfect for anyone trying to tone their legs and booty before this spooky day.


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BTW if you have moves that really tone your body comment below and let us know I’d love it if you’d share!

Thank you!!

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