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Help Your Posture!

Hey friends so I have recently gotten a lot of comments on my posture and how bad it really is. Well let me tell you I agree with all those comments because my posture sucks ass cheeks. And it sucks so badly because of the desk job, I’m sitting in an uncomfortable chair from 9:30 to about four pm or later typing all day long. BTW my work recently received very little laptops and they’re the cutest things but I think it’s making my posture even worse because I’m more hunched than I have ever been. And I don’t realize how bad this hurts until I stand up and walk around fixing my posture and giving my back a break. So lately I’ve been doing these three yoga poses to get my posture back and it is working! So I’m very excited to share the three poses that are releasing pressure from my back.


This is one is really simple so everyone can do it! First thing’s first you have to stand up straight and tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure your feet are on the ground firmly and make sure your hips are aligned with the center of your body. Now you’ll really feel the pressure release when you breathe in deeply and when you exhale release your shoulder blades. Now your arms depending on what you prefer should be to the side with your palms facing up or your arms out sort of like a mixture of warrior pose.


So first lay down with your belly on the ground pointing your feet behind you. Place your hands palms down on the ground a little beneath your shoulders. Then you will straighten your arms which will help you lift your chest up off the ground. Take a deep breath when going up and slowly exhale as you slowing go down.



So this pose you’ll start off on your hands and knees. When you inhale deeply arch your back, letting your belly go loose and when you exhale you’re actually doing the opposite. Your’re going to round your spine toward the ceiling and make sure to engage your abs, make sure to really pull in and release. As you alternate between the cat and cow pose you’ll be able to elongate your spine ultimately relaxing your tense back.

It doesn’t matter what sequence you put this in or if you do all three because either way you’ll reap the benefits and you’ll release the pressure that builds up that creates the bad posture.

Hope it helps!

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