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Don't Be Afraid of the C- Word!

Hey friends I hope you’re well and that you have an amazing start to your weekend.

So I wanted to touch base with you all and discuss the C word –CARBS. That’s right the evil word that haunts us all when we start talking about diets especially low carb diets. So here’s what’s up, we have to be able to differentiate between complex carbs and simple carbs.

Complex Carbs:

Strings made up of sugar molecules that turned to glucose which ultimately becomes the energy that we use.

Simple carbs:

Sugars. Simple carbs are sugars that become energy but the energy form these carbs do not last long. These are the bad carbs.

Okay so you’re probably asking what’s the difference if everything is a carb then how can I tell the difference? Well complex carbs are usually high in fiber, can help you feel fuller and for longer and they can actually boost your metabolism. Simple carbs as you can guess is the opposite, they’re low in fiber and in nutrients. Simple carbs are those carbs that turn calories into fat and they make you feel tired because there is no source of energy.


Complex Carbs:

Beans – Fruits - Sweet Potato – Vegetables - Nuts or Seeds - Quinoa - Brown Rice - Oatmeal

Simple Carbs:

Sugar - Fruit Juices - Candy – Cookies - Pretzels - Sugary Cereals

Now going back to the low carb diets, it’s a diet that restricts carbohydrates. Meaning they restrict those sugary carbs they don’t restrict the complex carbs. Because with the complex carbs you’re able to eat less while feeling fuller longer.

Remember to comment below what’s your favorite kind of carb.


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