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The Benefits of Almond Flour

Hey so guess what I just learned about!? ALMOND FLOUR!!! Yup, almond flour. To tell you the truth I have never heard about almond flour before this and now knowing about its existence makes me very very happy. Please note that almonds is healthier for us but the amount of water needed to grow almonds makes me a bit wary about almond flour but none the less this is a great alternative to regular flour.

So here are the almond flour benefits:

1- It’s perfect if you’re on a diet:

With blanched almond flour you get the carbs, protein and fat needed to keep a healthy diet. You know why? Carbs are necessary because they provide a source of energy your body needs, proteins ultimately help your cells continue to be healthy and fats found in the flour are healthy omega-3 fats that are good for your heart!

2- Filled with vitamins:

Truly, this flour is the ultimate power ranger of flours because this flour is filled with different vitamins! It’s filled with Vitamin E, magnesium, calcium and potassium. And when you combine all these vitamins you’re providing your body an opportunity to fight heart disease, and an opportunity to lower your risk of having a stroke while helping your bones grow strong.

3- Energy Booster

Because the flour is so high in nutrients it can increase your energy! Yup it’s true. Since it can increase cell growth and fortify your health it’s natural that this kind of flour is going to increase your energy.

4- Perfect for Paleos!

So for those who don’t know what a Paleo Diet is, it’s a diet based on foods that early humans would have eaten, like meat, fish, vegetables and fruit anything that’s not processed. So almond flour along with coconut flour are good choices if you’re looking for something more Paleo friendly.

So thank you Lara for suggesting ALMOND FLOUR. Something I was absolutely clueless on and didn’t even know it existed.

SO go ahead and switch out all the regular flour that we have used in the previous recipes with ALMOND FLOUR for a healthier food!

If you have any other suggestions I’d be glad to know and listen!

Remember to comment below with your suggestions!

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