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Happy National Sister's Day!

2 Years ago on New Year's Eve while dog sitting.

Hey y’all.

So today is August 7, 2016 which means it is NATIONAL SISTER’S DAY!

Which is totally cool because I have a little sister that I absolutely love although sometimes I really dislike. She can be sometimes annoying and sometimes funny. There are times where out of no-where she’ll get into these characters and she’ll able to reenact any scene from any movie. Just a secret between the two of us, my sister is a gem (I don’t tell her often). She’s so talented, she loves to act, and comedy just comes natural to her that soon enough she’ll be on the big screen. Although I can say a lot of good things about my sister she does possess a lot of annoying qualities.

So here are three reasons why sisters are annoying:

  1. They’ll borrow your clothes without even asking. Like seriously I plan a lot of outfits in my head the night before and the next day my shirt is gone and guess where it’s at? It’s with my sister at school. LIKE WHY???
  2. They’ll expect you to pay for whatever they want. Ex: Any and every Starbucks trip or Sushi trip, like yes I understand it’s not that pricey but it’ll be nice if my sister took me out for Starbucks rather than the other way around.
  3. They’ll send you an endless stream of YouTube videos at the most inappropriate times. Ex: At work, or while driving. * Don’t text & Drive *


Beside all the annoying things sisters do have some great qualities.

  1. They know how to get you laughing when you’re feeling down. I can be having an awful day but I can easily count on my sister to make it better.
  2. You can be yourself with them. I mean they have to accept you. Seriously though, and even if they don’t agree they’re not afraid to call you out on your bs.
  3. You won’t ever need to go see a therapist because you have a sister. Sisters are great because they lend a listening ear for whenever you have to rant about anything.

You know what’s the greatest thing about having a sister? They think you’re the best thing to happen on Earth, that they look up to you. For example my sister thinks I’m the best, she thinks I’m a perfect balance between play and work. (BTW Love you Sam, Sam.)  So don’t let your sister down, share a cup of coffee with Leaner Creamer and let her know that you’re smart too for substituting those fatty coffee creamers with a creamer that’s right for you!

Throwback to my high school graduation! Class of 2013!

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Let me know what’s the most annoying thing your sister does? Or has she ever been sweet to you let me know maybe I can fwd it to my sister as helpful hints so she can be nicer.

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