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Pick Up Your Phone... Rio is Calling!

You are steering clear of Usain bolt and you are only a couple of steps till you cross the finish line at the Olympic stadium in Rio. The crowd is chanting your name and your girlfriend is breaming with excitement in the stands and then ringggggg!!! Your alarm goes off and you find yourself back at home in your one bedroom apartment. This should be enough to inspire you to get your butt to the gym *Mr T’s voice. If we can’t bring you to Rio we’ll bring Rio to you. We understand you’re not a Michael Phelps or maybe you’re not able to make it to Rio to watch the Olympics but we have the perfect way for you to feel like Usain Bolt or Alyson’s Felix on your workout days. We have made a collection of workout routines that these famous athletes are using to get themselves ready for their respective events at this years summer Olympics.

Here is what a typical workout routine of six times Olympic gold medallist and fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, looks like and in that order:


Leg raises

Side sweeps


Reverse crunches

Side plank clams


Machine squat-1 set of 10 reps and 1 set of 8 reps (helps back as well)



Seated chest press-1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 8 reps



Leg extensions-1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 8 reps

“Me love some chicken”-for some international flavour try out Usain’s healthy Jamaican inspired meal plan



Ackee and saltfish (a traditional Jamaican dish) with dumplings cooked banana yellow yam and potato.

If you are not familiar with ackee and saltfish or you’ve never eaten or cooked it before here’s a link where you can access the recipe:


Pasta and chicken breast


Rice and peas with pork

And here’s what a typical day in the gym for Alyson Felix looks like (subject to change of course lol)

            Physioball Bridge

  • Lie with back on the floor and heels on physioball with straight legs.
  • Without arching back, raise body until only shoulder blades touch the floor. Form straight lines from heels to shoulders.
  • Lower with control; repeat for specified reps
  • Set/reps: 4x15

Clean and Jerk

Set/reps: 4x8



            Set/reps: 4x15


  • Lie with back on the floor, holding med ball above head
  • Keeping arms and legs straight, raise upper body and legs until feet meet ball at midline of body
  • Lower with control; repeat for specified reps without allowing heels or ball to touch the floor

Set/reps: 4x15

Physioball Back Extension

  • Lie with stomach on physioball so body is over ball; keep hands behind head
  • Keeping stomach tight, raise upper body until only lower body is touching ball.
  • Lower control; repeat for specified reps

Now you’re ready for a top of the podium finish in whatever race you are running in your life with that body of yours akin to Usain Bolts’. And of course any gym bag would be incomplete or virtually empty without a bottle of Leaner Creamer coffee creamer so do yourself a favour by heading to our website now to purchase a bottle. Also don’t forget to tweet us @leanercreamer or tag us in your instagram post @leanercreamer of how well you are doing on the road to achieving your fitness goals.

Paul Aganbi is a 20 year old born in America bred in Nigeria college junior who is an online radio host and world traveler with interests and expertise in aviation, air travel, media, business and sports.

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