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Make Your Immune System Stronger

The weather is changing and fall is coming up soon. Or at least if you have children or are going to school yourself, it’s fall semester and that means going back to school. A school where germs easily spread and flues spread like wild fire. So it’s time to boost your immune system!

Here are the top 5 foods you should eat to boost your immune system!

  1. Chicken Soup

    Well besides boosting your immune system there’s nothing better than chicken soup or soup in general to you feel better about your day! J Our bodies have a lot of inflammatory white cells and when these cells attack they can bring us down, so eating chicken soup can block the white cells and prevent a cold! Besides chicken soup reduced your mucus so there won’t be a need for cough syrups anytime soon!

    1. Garlic

      It doesn’t just keep vampires away it keeps germs away! Garlic is powerful because it helps fight bacteria that might lead to infections. With garlic in your system you’re less likely to catch a cold or a flu which is perfect if you’re going back to school!

      1. Black or Green Tea

        Did you know that black and green tea are high in antioxidants and nutrients that fight off those germs and increase your immune system. And these nutrients and antioxidants have certain amino acids that boosts your immune system.

        1. Yogurt

            If you eat yogurt everyday you’re doing something good! Yogurt is filled with good bacteria that keeps your digestion working great by building its immune system. You know what else, yogurt helps build antibodies, and antibodies are your body’s way of attacking a cold or a flu!

            So there you have it, incorporate these foods to your everyday nutrition and you’re most likely to beat the cold or flu this season!

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