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Feel Inspired

By Jackeline Soto

Hey so I’ve gotten lots of questions regarding my fitspiration and to be honest I’m inspired by lots of things.

And there are lots of different ways you can become inspired to work out.

For example

1: You can look at our Instagram @leanercreamer, we recently started posting very small workout clips that are surely going to inspire you!

  1. I usually Yelp nature trails near me because something about being out in nature intrigues me. Honestly a good Yelp review will definitely get me up and moving.
  2. Get on our @leanercreamer Pinterest page! I understand that I’m a bit biased but we have so many different pin board that I find something new and exciting each time I get on Pinterest.
  3. Buy new workout clothes! Something form fitting that you’re ready to show off will go a long way in your willingness to work out.
  4. Write or draw your short term goals and place them on the wall to keep you goal oriented.
  5. If it’s my off day but still want to be active I usually look at my dogs and I’ll say walk and fast than you can say “let’s go” they’re at the gate waiting to go. So then Im forced to be active.
  6. Find your purpose. Usually getting fit in the beginning it’s for losing weight but little by little its about becoming the strongest you can possibly be. So even if you’re just beginning try to focus on becoming stronger, everything else is just an added bonus.

So there you go those are my top 7 ways for getting inspired to work out and lead a healthy life style.

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