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Easy Tips Guaranteed to Help Weight Loss

By Jackeline Soto

Losing weight can be hard especially if you’re sticking to one single routine. In order to lose weight you have to keep changing your fitness routine to reap all the benefits because if you continue to do the same your body pretty much plateaus. So you’ll be doing all the right things but your body just normalizes and gets used to the routine.


1. Complete HIIT moves

Adding High Intensity Interval Training moves to your workout can effect your weight loss significantly. These moves are so great because they are designed to hit most if not all body muscles in a small time. So you can definitely do your usual routine like running a mile but at the end of the mile challenge yourself to complete ten burpees. This will get your heart rate up, and you’re pretty much now adding strength training to your routine!

2. Add More Weight

If you’re strength training already, challenge yourself and add a pound or three pounds to your normal routine. Adding more weight won’t make you bulky (UNLESS THAT’S YOUR GOAL). But seriously have you ever done squats with medicine balls it’s a workout for your core/butt/arms it’s pretty much a triple threat. And if you do this to most of your workout like lunges with weights, and kettlebell swings can significantly increase your chances at losing weight faster while gaining muscle.

3. Add Cardio

If you’re just completing a strength training circuit without any cardio, it’s a lot harder to lose weight. And when I say cardio im not saying go run for the last ten minutes, unless you like to run then go ahead. But cardio can come in so many fun ways, like Zumba, and Yoga that target your entire body. Have you ever had a class in Zumba or Yoga it’s hard work! Zumba is about going all out, you’ll build up a sweat, and in Yoga it’s all about control so you’ll build up a sweat either way!


Just add these little tips to make a big difference. And for a bigger difference add Leaner Creamer to your fit lifestyle to achieve big changes!

Comment below with your favorite type of cardio!

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