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Get Clearer Skin!

By Jackeline Soto

So when I was little I thought I would only have to deal with acne through my teenage years and once I hit my twenty’s boom they’ll magically disappear. Well now that I’m a twenty something year old I still face acne. And if you’re a twenty something year old or a thirty something year old there is nothing wrong with that. A lot of people in the twenties and thirties face acne but guess what if it’s acne that can be treatable through face wash or some ointment you can lessen the appearance of acne by adding these foods into your diet.

  1. Nuts!

Nuts are high in a lot of nutrients that fight infections. They’re high in copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium which are all essential to your skin health which can prevent breakouts if your skin is being properly nourished.

  1. Tomatoes!

Again just like nuts tomatoes are highly nutritious! When you eat a tomato you absorb the vitamin C which can help you from looking like you’re aging because it’ll keep your skin firm. And guess what tomatoes also carry Lycopene which can stimulate your skin circulation making your skin look healthy and beautiful.

  1. Water!

Well this one is easy and we hear it all the time but it’s so so true! Water can help you release the toxins that are making your skin look not as good as it should be. When you drink water you’re actually delivering water to all your cells which will make your skin looking beautiful in no time! Remember to drink more water if you’re working out because you have to keep your cells hydrated!

  1. Red Grapes!

Although not scientifically proven quite yet there are studies showing that red grapes can actually treat psoriasis and eczema because of the antioxidants they carry. Red grapes are considered natural anti-inflammatories which can help with your skin and sometimes allergic reactions. (Who knew???)

  1. Beets!

These little red vegetables are very high in vitamin A and in so many other vitamins that are normally used to clear skin. Beets just like water can help get rid of toxins from your body resulting in beautiful skin, and bonus: it helps lower cholesterol!

So there you have it introduce these five foods into your diet and you’ll lessen the appearance of acne.

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