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Be Happy! :)

By Jackeline Soto

1. Eat Breakfast:

We hear this all the time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, guess what, who ever told that was right. Breakfast is so important because while we’re sleeping our bodies are fasting and resting so when we eat breakfast we break that fast. When breakfast finally hits our system it provides the energy you need to feel as full which means you can literally take on the world and be the superhero that you actually are.

2. Listen to Your Favorite Music:

Whenever you’re feeling down listen to your favorite song. The song that makes you get up and dance in your room or your kitchen, the one that makes you sing out loud or the one that just makes you feel gorgeous. Listening to your favorite song when you need strength is good for your emotional and mental state of well-being. So go ahead and rock out!

3. Take Some Time and Play With Your Pet:

Playing with your furry friend can literally make you happy and more at ease. That’s right, spending time with your favorite friend can increase your levels of dopamine which ultimately relaxes you which creates a chain reaction and ultimately you become happy. Now it doesn’t have to be a furry friend, it can be a snake, or a frog, anything you consider a pet that makes you happy.

4. Buy Some Flowers:

Buying flowers for yourself can have big effects. Although in movies it depicts buying flowers for yourself as lame, NOT TRUE! Buying flowers for yourself and putting them in the vase actually feels like you got your sh*t together when the world feels like it’s falling apart. And if you place them in your room, and see your flowers every morning, boom instant happiness!


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