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Different Kinds of Exercise!

Hey family! So I recently just had a conversation with my extended family about exercise. They were complaining and convinced that running was the only form of cardio and that strength training was only equivalent to lifting weights and let me tell you it got heated! So I was like NO WAY! There are so many different forms of exercise that one can do that doesn’t involve running or lifting weights so guess what this blog is about? That’s right different form of exercises, so who knows hopefully you’ll be inspired to try a new class (I REALLY HOPE YOU DO AND IF YOU DO I REALLY HOPE YOU’LL LET ME KNOW HOW IT WENT!) So here’s a list of 3 types of exercises but really this list of three is like a list of ten because there is so much differentiation to these exercises!!!


  1. Barre Workout

Now this one looks like a killer but don’t fret because they teach these classes to all levels of fitness. And that’s the beauty of this one after a few classes you’ll definitely feel like the class is less of a challenge and you can move up a level. So a barre workout is pretty much a mixture of cardio and strength training.

  1. Yoga

Now yoga is cool because it helps build up strength while increasing your flexibility. And when you increase your flexibility you’re actually stretching your muscles which will ultimately lead your body to better prevent injuries or pain in general. So go ahead and give yoga a go so you can stretch and build your muscle in a more relaxed state.

  1. Pilates

Have you ever done pilates??? It looks like one of the easier exercises to do but it requires so much control it’s actually a bit insane. It involves your core so much that you’ll definitely be doing some stretch training. Add resistance and holy cow it’s a new type of fitness. Try it out, and although you feel like you’re going to give up at any moment just know how happy you’ll be when you complete your workout!

So these are the three basic forms of fitness but remember that there is so much differentiation to these exercises. Like pop, or hot each with a different kind of environment and a different kind of burn.

Let me know what form of exercise you’d like to try!

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