Build a Better Smoothie

Written By Jackeline Soto - November 21 2016


Aliza H.
January 19 2017

It looks as though winter is all but gone (in Texas)~ This springtime smoothie is GREAT! Add 1/3 cucumber, 1/2 avocado, & some fresh mint. That’s it! You can add a few sprigs to garnish~ It’s cool & refreshing anytime. N’joy~

January 16 2017

Can you send some recipes to my email. And where can I get the leaner cream

Jeni Janow
January 10 2017

I buy a big container of baby spinach at Sam’s Club and blend it with coconut water. Put in ice cube trays and freeze then transfer to a baggie. Just pop one in when you’re blending a smoothie.

HIlda KEllogg
January 07 2017

Thank you for the info

Kay Wantman
January 03 2017

Add chia seeds and psyllium seeds or flax seeds ground

sandra ward
December 31 2016

send me recipes please

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