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Avoid the Flu This Season!

GUUUUUUUUUYYYYSSSSS. IT’S FLU SEASON AND LET ME TELL YOU IT GOT ME. AND I THOUGHT I WAS SO CAREFUL! But I guess I wasn’t. And I don’t want you to get sick so I’m going to give you some tips that I should have followed a lot better.



Now this one is hard for me to follow right now, as I’m approaching my last week as an undergrad. But when you de-stress you’re allowing your immune system to become strong and to recuperate. So go ahead and take a hot bath, meditate, or drink tea or coffee. Do something for yourself! You deserve it.


Yes, wash your hands constantly. It’s so easy to get sick when you’re touching things like door knobs, rails, or even your steering wheel! Try disinfecting objects that get touched a lot LIKE YOUR PHONE!!!


I know I mention this A LOT and I know it’s so easy to accomplish but it’s so difficult to actually follow through. Lately I’ve been going to sleep very late and waking up really early which isn’t helping me out at all. So please, pretty please, try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep and if you can sleep in a bit then SLEEP IN!!! Your body needs the rest and your immune system will thank you!


I know it’s cold outside and that you do not want to get out of your bed but exercising is so good for you. It helps regulate your hormones, it boosts up your self-esteem and helps boost your immune system.

These are simple little tips you can incorporate into your routine, and please comment below if you have any tricks up your sleeves that help prevent you from catching a cold or the flu.

And please share because having a cold sucks so much, and I just dislike life right now because I am not comfortable and Im sure many of you aren’t comfortable either.


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