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Fitness’s part in a healthy lifestyle

Ready to sweat with Leaner Creamer? Get those work out clothes on, we’re going to work out with you today. Whether you have your coffee before or after this small workout we are doing, we strongly advise that you incorporate our Leaner Creamer product into that beautiful, and much needed drink. In order to fully take on a healthy lifestyle, we believe that you must omit all the fattening coffee creamers from your morning coffee. But, we know that has the possibility of being extremely hard, so we are offering you a healthier alternative. We would like to help you take that first step. Working out is a necessity in our life’s, not only does it leave you and your body feeling better, but it also promotes weight loss. You’ll be able to take off that cover up, be proud of your summer bikini body, and not longingly watch the beach hoping that you could lay out tanning like other women do. We’re here to help you do just that, we will be with you every step of the way, guiding you and supporting you. The first step is to start working out, while we know this may seem hard for some people, we encourage you to take this essential first step with us. Here are four workouts that mark the start of your new lifestyle, that can be done before or after your first cup of coffee. We know, what a godly thought, doing anything before your first cup of coffee. Without further or do…


The most important step before working out, is to warm up. Warming up allows for you to work out with a lower possibility of injuring yourself, it is also important for optimized performance and safety. Since we want you to be able to choose your personalized workout that best fits your needs, we have included a website that offers a variety of effective but not time consuming warm up exercises. It is very important not to skip this step, as if you do, you will have a higher chance of injuring yourself. Check it out,


Workout #1: After completing your warm up, lets transition straight into the work outs. For these workouts, you will need to use a dumbbell to obtain maximum results, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this, use a lighter weight and then gradually as you become more accoustumed, increase the weight. These are great exercises for obtaining that lean tummy, sculpted legs, and firmed behind, essentially each of these work outs address every important body feature that you want to show off for the summer months. Again, we are linking you to a website that offers a vast variety of different work outs, one of these workouts will best fit your needs. We hope you appreciate these work outs, and try them out! Your bikini body could be attainable after doing these work outs, what are you waiting for?


Workout #2: For those of you on a strict time limit or don’t like the idea of working out with weights, look no further then this workout., The 20 Minute Pilates Workout that is offered by Fitness, is specifically geared towards helping you slip on a bikini with extra confidence. This workout takes only twenty minutes, which makes it perfectly doable for anybody who is on a strict time limit. If you are unfamiliar with pilates or feel that using the level of weight’s suggested will not be possible, use lighter weights. It is emphasized that each of these workouts are working towards the three major muscle groups, which allow you to train longer and smarter.


Workout #3:

This workout promotes weight loss, specifically fat burning. We believe that if you do this workout at least twice a day, then it’ll promote the development of a slimmed figure and you will be able to chive your dream body.


Workout #4:

Tired of your weekly workout routine? Switch it up in order to get the results you crave! Here is a workout regime that allows you to see what the workout actually looks like, and yes, if you are doing the workout correctly. This way, you can format your schedule around the workout plan. After the week is up, you’ll feel lighter, healthier, and ready for summer.


Warm Down:

Warming down is also an essential part of the work out process, it will enable your muscles to relax after being pushed to the maximum amount of pressure it could take. This step is essential and if not done, could lead to potential injuries. We have included several options in this section as well, which will allow you to find an option that best fits your work out needs.


As you can see, working out is an essential part in a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to push yourself to the limit, and appreciate the results that come from it. In order to get your bikini body that you want, we strongly believe that the combination of our leaner creamer mixture and intense work outs will allow you to shed off the weight. Enjoy your morning cup of java, sweat a little, your new lifestyle has just begun.

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