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ABS 101

No More Excuses it’s Time for ABsanity

By Jackeline Soto

We’ve had our coffee with Leaner Creamer, now what? What do we do? Do we drink more coffee with Leaner Creamer, is that acceptable? (YES!) But it’s time for reality, because it’s that time of the day where we can’t keep lazing around, it’s time to move around and get active.

Now the workout below dismisses every single excuse that I’ve listed below.

I can’t work out today because it’s too cold outside.  

I can’t work out today because it’s too hot outside.

I can’t work out today because I don’t have work-out clothes.

I can’t work out today because I don’t have enough space.

I can’t work out because I don’t have time.

This workout doesn’t take that much room, and you can practically do it in your jeans if you have to.

I did it in my romper and jean jacket. I did complete this workout outside because when working out I do prefer outside where there is constant air flow but as you can see I didn’t take that much room. And as to which physical level I adhere to is beginner athlete. If you exercise and have passion toward an active lifestyle you are an athlete! I am no fitness model, and I do not aim to have a specific body because I am happy and I am/feel healthy.

This workout will take about 5 minutes, but don’t underestimate it. IT WILL BURN!

You ready? LET’S GO!!!


Repeat 3 times

20 Heel Touches

40 Sec Plank

20 Leg Raises

 Beginning Position

 Second Position

 Third Position


25 Cross Crunches each Side

Now if it takes you more than 5 minutes, that is definitely okay. Everyone has a different fitness level and if it takes you a little longer but you were able to finish it. GREAT for you! I am proud of you. Make sure to keep it up and in no time you’ll be training like a pro!

Tweet @leanercreamer, comment below, or use #getleaner on Instagram to show us how happy you look after crushing your workout!

If you have any specific workout you want to try, or have a workout that you want me to try let me know by commenting below and I’ll definitely look into it! Thanks! I’m excited to hear what you suggest!


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