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Netflix, Leaner Creamer + Chill

By Jackeline Soto

There’s nothing better than holding down the fort with your favorite mug filled with your favorite roast of coffee and Leaner Creamer!

My favorite coffee mug is a Disney Lilo & Stitch mug. It’s my favorite color, blue! And it holds so much coffee so I don’t have to get up and get seconds. It’s amazing.

Let us know if you love our new Hazelnut coffee creamer! It’s selling like hot cakes so make sure to get yours before it’s too late!

Now I present to you the top 5 series to start watching this Friday to Sunday on Netflix. Disclaimer: There are so many shows on Netflix that I understand if you do not feel I did this list justice. But I do think this is a pretty great list.

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A witty sitcom about Kimmy Schmidt’s transition from the bunker where she’s kept captive to the streets of New York. The sitcom is filled with pop culture references that are sure to make you laugh. And with characters like Titus Andromedon (my absolute favorite character, so dramatic and over the top, I can’t get enough of him!) the show is a never ending laughter reel.

Genre: TV Comedy – Sitcom

Cast Members: Ellie Kemper – Jane Krakowski – Tituss Burgess – Carol Kane – Lauren Adams – Sara Chase

# of Seasons on Netflix: 2

Rating: TV-14

  1. Orange is the New Black

You think that a change of pace is bad? Ask Piper Chapman (the main character). She knows all about it, she was uprooted from her fabulous life to a life of prison. Piper quickly finds out about the dos and don’ts of prison needed to survive, lucky for Chapman she learns quickly. This drama is definitely recommended and has great character development to keep you on your toes. *Not for Children*

Genre: TV Show – Comedy – Drama

Cast Members: Taylor Schilling – Kate Mulgrew – Laura Prepon – Jason Biggs – Natasha Lyonne – Michael Harney – Uzo Aduba – Danielle Brooks – Samira Wiley – Dascha Polanco

# of Seasons on Netflix: 3

Rating: TV-MA

  1. Archer

Do you like dry humor? (Yes!) Does blood spatter not gross you out? (Nope, I don’t even flinch.) Does a spy agency whom completely suck at keeping their secrecy but excel at their job intrigue you? (Duh, it’s practically a spoof). If so, Archer is perfect for you. Personally, I love this show, I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Archer is a combination of James Bond meets a rated R version of Bob’s Burgers, it’s funny and bold. This series is too good to miss! Keep the children away though! Enjoy!

Genre: TV Show – Action – Adventure – Comedy

Cast Members: H. Jon Benjamin – Judy Greer- Amber Nash – Chris Parnell – Aisha Tyler – Jessica Walter – Adam Reed – Lucky Yates – George Coe – Peter Newman

# of Seasons on Netflix: 6

Rating: TV- MA

  1. Friends

Do you have little time to spare? If so, Friends is for you! With its comedic short episodes you’re guaranteed to fly through all the seasons in little time. Within episodes, the character development is seen and I guarantee you will find yourself loving each character as they go through ups and downs and scramble to find peace. By the fifth episode you will find yourself comparing your life with the characters’ antics, and think “Whoa! My life is a sitcom!”

Genre: TV Comedy – Sitcom

Cast Members: Jennifer Aniston – Courteney Cox – Lisa Kudrow – Matt LeBlanc – Matthew Perry – David Schwimmer

# of Seasons on Netflix: 10

Rating: TV- 14

  1. Breaking Bad

The entire concept surrounding Breaking Bad is “what will you do for your family? And how deep will you go?”. So without killing the plot line, a chemistry teacher is diagnosed with cancer has limited time to live so he does something that will bring a lot of income to keep his family economically afloat like making drugs. So who does Walter turn to, a former up to no good student who deals drugs, Jesse. To be truthful I wouldn’t go as far as dealing or making drugs but it does make for an addicting plot line to watch. * Not for children *

Genre: TV Shows – Crime – Drama  

Cast Members: Bryan Cranston – Aaron Paul – Anna Gunn – Dean Norris – Betsy Brandt – RJ Mitte – Bob Odenkirk – Steven Michael Quezada – Jonathan Banks – Giancarlo Esposito

# of Seasons on Netflix: 5

Rating: TV- MA


Comment below, tweet @leanercreamer, or #leanercreamerandchill on Instagram and show us how you hold down the fort with your favorite coffee mug! Don’t forget to mention what you like to watch on Netflix or Hulu so I can start a list of series that I need to binge watch this summer!

& Yes I know that I’m running low on Leaner Creamer. That’s what happens when you love it so much and use it for both coffee and smoothies!

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