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Different Ways to Drink Coffee

How do you take your vice?

By Jackeline Soto

Every morning I have a routine: Wake up, brush my teeth, drink water, go for a run, come back and have my coffee (w/ a tsp of sugar and a splash of Leaner Creamer). I must have my coffee when I get back, if I don’t I’m pretty much calling for bad mojo and who wants that?! I sure don’t.

But this year it’s different I told myself I’d try something new every week for the entire year, and it seems I’ve been lacking on my promise so it’s time to shake things up again.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to go bungee jumping today. (Side note: I do want to go bungee jumping soon, but not today). I am willing to change my routine as long as I get my coffee fix because that means I keep my promise and avoid bad mojo IT’S THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

So go ahead, and try these with me! Let’s change our routine and let me know how it goes!

1- Tonic Water + Coffee + Ice Cubes

 +  = 

2- (Cold) Coffee + Coconut Water + Coconut Milk + Ice Cubes

+  +  =

3- Condensed Milk + Coffee + Ice Cubes

 +  =

4- Oatmeal + Coffee

+  =

5- Cacao Powder (to taste, I preferred without) + Ice Cream + Coffee

 +  =

6- Lemon Juice + Coffee + Sugar (if needed) + Ice Cubes

 +  =

7- Coffee + Condensed Milk + Black Tea + Ice Cubes Commentary: By far my favorite one! I thought it was so delicious!

+  +  =

So I tried all of them, and personally I think I’ll stick to number 7 or my black coffee with Leaner Creamer. Honestly I’m sorry Leaner Creamer I took you for granted. You’re (Leaner Creamer) such a great addition to my coffee I don’t think I need to experiment any other coffee creamers or additions.

Tweet @leanercreamer, comment below, or use #mycoffeeways on Instagram to show me how you drink your coffee!

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