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7 Minute Spring Booty Blaster

Leaner Creamer's 7 minute BOOTY BLASTER

Don’t have a gym membership, or time? No worries! Tone your booty with no workout equipment in just 7 minutes! No rest between moves for the ULTIMATE booty. Ready, GO!


Knee Leg Lifts (45 seconds each leg)

Go on all fours. Hands on the floors and shoulder width apart. Knees hip width apart, extend your right leg. Flex your foot and lift to the ceiling. Repeat for 45 seconds and switch!


Single- Leg Bridge (45 seconds each leg)


Lie on your back, bend your knees with your feet as close to your butt. Now extend one leg, and squeeze your glutes as your hips push as close to the ceiling. Then lower your extend leg until your glutes are hovering on the floor. And repeat until 45 seconds are done and switch!


Single Leg Dead Lift (45 seconds each leg)


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your right knee, squeeze your abs and fold forward and reach the floor with your hands. Keep your right leg aligned with your spine. Repeat for 45 seconds and switch!


Sumo Squat (1 minute)

Stand with your feet twice as feet should width apart. Slightly point toes outward, squeeze your abs and go down until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Repeat.


Fire Hydrants (45 seconds each leg)

Go on all fours with palms flat should width apart. With your knees on the floor hip width apart raise your thigh out to the side. Repeat for 45 seconds and switch!

Repeat this workout each day for a month and in no time you’ll have a nice round butt!


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