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ContentChecked + Leaner Creamer

When it comes to drinking coffee nowadays, we are faced with a plethora of options. Stores and coffee shops are loaded with different coffee flavors, creams, sugars, syrups, and non-dairy creamers. The options can be overwhelming, especially when trying to make healthy choices. 

A new, healthier creamer option is now available - Leaner Creamer, a vanilla flavored, powder-based coffee creamer. The main ingredient in Leaner Creamer is what makes this creamer unique: coconut oil. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, which is an easily digestible type of fat. Its unique structure does not require bile salts or energy for digestion making it very easily absorbed. As a result, it provides our body with energy very quickly, similarly to sugar. The difference is, it won’t cause a release of  insulin, the hormone that promotes fat storage and is initiated by eating carbohydrates. Because of this, incorporating a coconut oil based-creamer into your morning cup of coffee will support the energy boost without a dramatic crash later on.

The fat in coconut oil also promotes satiety, keeping morning hunger at bay and reducing the urge to snack, which can lead to weight loss. Choosing Leaner Creamer will provide your body with energy and healthy fats as opposed to undesirable ingredients in traditional creamers and non-dairy creamers.

While Leaner Creamer does contain a milk derivative (sodium caseinate), it is still suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and is a healthier alternative to typical non-dairy based creamers. The main ingredients in non-dairy based creamers are corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, both which negatively impact health. Hydrogenated oils are chemically modified fats, which raise “bad” and lower “good” cholesterol levels. Corn syrup is essentially pure, concentrated sugar, and most Americans consume way too much sugar, so it’s beneficial to reduce intake wherever possible. A completely dairy free Leaner Creamer formula is due to hit the market in Spring 2016.

Leaner Creamer is a powder based formula with a shelf life of 12 months, so there is a much lower likelihood of waste compared to perishable dairy based creamers, which will save money in the long run.

If you’re looking for a new, healthier, dairy free coffee creamer give Leaner Creamer a try.

About Tory Tedrow RDN, CNSC

Tory is currently a Registered Dietitian for ContentChecked who assists with fact-checking information on packaged food labels that can often be misleading and assists with clinical research for the ContentChecked team and updates their database of over 200,000 packaged food items with new items daily. She also provides commentary for health and wellness websites in regard to nutrition information. Prior to her current role, Tory worked as an inpatient dietitian at a variety of general and psychiatric hospitals in Ohio and California. Tory’s nutritional philosophy focuses on an “All foods can fit” mantra belief with an emphasis on plant-based foods.

Tory completed her dietetic internship at The University of Akron and is a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician through The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK)

Content Checked ( has created a revolutionary marketplace for people with dietary restrictions and the organizations who cater to them by creating and introducing the ContentChecked, MigraineChecked and SugarChecked smartphone applications. ContentChecked and MigraineChecked are the first applications with comprehensive and accurate content information, and in-depth allergen and migraine definitions for over 70% of conventional U.S. food products.

Each app gives consumers the ability to scan a product’s bar code and determine if it is safe for consumption based on their allergy settings. The apps will recommend a suitable alternative if a product does contain one or more of a user’s allergens. This enables the applications to meet the needs of millions of people in the U.S. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 15 million people who suffer from food allergies and 38 million people who suffer from migraines and chronic headaches. The food allergy and intolerances market has been valued at approximately US$13 billion in 2015. As a result, Content Checked has created a pivotal way for food manufacturers and producers to showcase their products to consumers who are actively seeking them at the point of purchase.

Content Checked has created a robust database of allergens, migraine triggers and food ingredients that directly correlate with food allergies, intolerances, migraines and chronic headaches. There are currently hundreds of thousands of products in its database, updated regularly. All applications serve as easy shopping tools for consumers to decipher often misleading food labels and receive recommendations for healthier alternative products as they shop in real time. Content Checked’s mission is to offer fast, reliable and efficient mobile apps that help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions and live healthier lives in accordance to their dietary preferences.

For more information on the Company, please visit its social media channels via Facebook (, ( and (; Instagram (, ( and (; or

YouTube (


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    Is there any place on your website that lists ingredients and nutritional breakdown of calories/fat, etc?

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