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Yoga Poses for A Better Sleep

So about a month ago I posted a blog on how to achieve better sleep with certain yoga poses and many of you thought it was great (which I appreciate because I love your feedback!). But many of you were left asking if there were any more poses so this blog is all about a few more yoga poses to get you a better night’s sleep!

  1. Night Time Goddess Stretch

This one feels particularly great after a long day. It gives you an opportunity to clear your mind while stretching your spine and your pelvis.

  1. Legs Up the Wall

This stretch allows you to calm down and gather your thoughts. It gives your legs and feet a rest which is exactly what you would like before sleep. (BTW: This pose may help with menstrual cramps).

  1. Downward Facing Dog

This stretch gives your back relief and helps regulate blood flow which is what anyone would like prior to sleep. This stretch can calm the brain and relieve a lot of stress. (BTW: This pose may help with the symptoms of menopause).

  1. Bridge Pose

    Now if you’ve had a very stressful day this pose is the one for you. This pose stretches your hips, spine, chest and neck! Not only that but while releasing tension your building strength at your core and hamstrings. This can also calm the brain which relaxes your body and your mind.


    So go ahead and complete this sequence for a better night's rest. 

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