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Wall Workout

So as you know I semi-enjoy a great workout and I know there a lot of different work outs out there that definitely build up a sweat like barre, HIIT, and Pilates but guess what I just discovered? WALL WORK OUTS!


Now these workouts are simple because it’s your body weight and a wall, and there are tons of walls around! SO NO EXCUSES!

And the workout is so easy and I know it looks a little daunting but don’t worry it’s totally possible and I believe in you. If you don’t think you’re able to do it push yourself a bit and modify the exercise to fit your needs.


And I completed this workout late afternoon around 6 pm. I was tired. And I felt like I had to complete the exercise because I’m saying this exercise can be done by everyone and I would definitely be a hypocrite if I didn’t even try. So here you go:

Let’s begin!


(Once I realized I totally had to this, I realized I may be over my head but little by little the task became less daunting and I did it!)

First exercise: Wall Crawls

Okay so you begin in something similar to the plank position with your feet against the wall. You crawl up. You crawl down. Repeat 10 times.



Second Exercise: Wall Push Ups

Okay so you begin standing up, with some distance between the wall and yourself. Now you will lean on the wall, and make sure to keep your hands shoulder width apart. Think of it as regular pushups but with the help of a wall! Repeat 10 times.

Third Exercise: Wall Twists

Okay so in this one you begin just like the wall crawls. But instead of crawling up or down, you’ll bring your right knee to your left elbow (repeat ten times) and then bring your left knee to your right elbow (repeat ten times).


Make sure to repeat each exercise at least three times for a killer workout. And I know it’s only three exercises but holy crap, this workout is intense and it’s prefect because it’s your body weight!

SO go ahead and give it a go, and let me know how it goes!

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