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Trick Your Metabolism To Working Faster!

By Jackeline Soto

So we often hear “oh we’ve got to speed up our metabolism for this to work” or we just hear the world “metabolism” being thrown around but do you actually understand what metabolism is?

What is metabolism?

Well metabolism is used to describe the chemical reactions that go on in our body to maintain the living state of the cells within the organism. Two factors that play when trying to speed up or slow down your metabolism is nutrition and energy. Nutrition plays a key role because depending on what you eat, somethings are easier to break down and get the energy than other things. For example it’s easier to break down the vegetables you eat and gather those nutrients rather than the nutrients from processed foods. And when your body breaks down the food and absorbs the nutrients you’re most likely to garner a lot more energy for a healthier you.

Personally, I don’t notice a change when in my metabolism but that’s probably because I never actually stick to something longer than two weeks. (I know it’s a bad habit never sticking to something but being a college student does not help). But I know for sure if I don’t regularly exercise my metabolism becomes very slow.

So here are some tips and tricks to making your metabolism work a lot faster!

1- EAT!

That’s right you have to eat enough throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. You can jump start your metabolism easily by eating breakfast and if you don’t eat breakfast you put your body under “starvation” mode. Starvation mode refers to the restriction of calories, so when you go to sleep you don’t consume anything for about 5 to 10 hours and by skipping breakfast you prolong this process sending your body to hold onto the fat and calories slowing down the weight loss process. And by having nutritious meals throughout your day you’re most likely to receive the energy you need. By continuously eating snacks and meals your body is better able to break down the meals and better able to absorb the nutrients to produce the energy.


The art of sipping water is real. Especially drinking cold water when you first wake up prior to your breakfast. Drinking water throughout the entire day will help your body refrain from becoming dehydrated which is a good thing. If you keep hydrated you’re more likely to burn more calories and more likely to lose weight. The more water you drink the better your metabolism will be. If your body is dehydrated you’re more likely to gain weight rather than losing weight

  1. SLEEP!

Make sure to get some sleep. While you sleep you allow your body to rest and allow your body to regulate itself. And when you get enough sleep the next day you will be stored with energy because you’ve given your muscles, digestive system, and brain time to relax. When you sleep you give your body to store enough energy to become more active the next day which will help the process of increasing your metabolism.


So metabolism means changing your food into energy to keep you energized. And when you’re active completing your regular tasks you use your muscle cells which burns calories but when you exercise and add resistance you burn calories a lot faster. Overall, working out definitely helps speed up your metabolism.


That’s right eating spicy foods can speed up your metabolism! And this is because the spices in the food can create a change in your body temperature which helps you burn more calories. So go ahead and eat spicy food but make sure you don’t eat too much spicy food because then you’re calling for bad heart burn.

So go ahead and enjoy life while tricking your metabolism to work faster and better. We already like to do everything mentioned above, but when done right your metabolism works better for a better you.

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