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The Secrets Behind Beautiful Hair

By Jackeline Soto

Did you know the foods you eat may be effecting your hair growth? Well, yeah it’s true your sleek and shiny hair is a positive consequence of all the healthy foods you’ve been eating! And if you’ve been lacking in healthy hair department but you don’t want to add pesky chemicals and damage your scalp well I have a treat for you! The following list is made up of foods that are prevent to promote healthy hair and healthy hair growth, so go ahead and make a few changes to your diet and in no time you’ll have beautiful locks of hair.



When you eat salmon your body absorbs vitamin D, proteins and healthy fatty acids like Omega-3 which is fabulous because it helps promote a healthy scalp. And a healthy scalp means healthy hair. Healthy hair means beautiful and radiant hair!

Greek Yogurt:

Now Greek yogurt is beneficial to your hair because it contain a lot of proteins that helps the blood flow to your scalp. When your scalp is receiving enough blood flow it can help the process of healthy hair growth, and prevent hair loss or hair thinning.



A fruit high in vitamin C means it prevents your hair from breaking. The Vitamin B in guava helps the maintenance of your hair, especially Vitamin B2 in which it helps repair the tissues and cells that are found in your hair. All the vitamins combined in guava will help your hair stay looking strong and beautiful.


Sweet Potatoes:

Fight dull locks with sweet potatoes! Eating sweet potatoes allows your body to absorb all the antioxidants (beta carotene) and turn them into vitamins (vitamin A). Vitamin A is very good in protecting your hair from becoming too dry that it’s dull. Sweet potatoes helps your glands found in your scalp to make a natural oil called sebum that doesn’t allow your hair to dry and allowing you to have shiny hair.



Eggs are great because they pack in a lot of protein, iron, and vitamins. With these many vitamins you’re guaranteed healthy hair growth. Biotin (Vitamin B) is often found in eggs and is very essential for hair growth.

Remember to maintain a healthy balanced diet to reap all its benefits!

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