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Nap Time!

Hey guys this week’s topic is napping. You know that thing that we took for granted when we were ten because we thought we were too old for it but now as adults we realize napping is too precious and we’ll take an opportunity to nap.

So below are the different types of nap depending on what you’re looking for:

20 minute nap: The purpose of this nap is for a quick re-boost. This short nap will give you the alertness and energy that you need to continue the day!

35 minute nap: The purpose of this nap if for a quick re-boost too but it’ll help you clear your mind to avoid that mid-afternoon fogginess.

60-75 minute nap: The cool thing about this one is that you get all the precious benefits mentioned and you get a creativity boost! Yup, let your creative juices flow after a good nap.

90 minute nap: Now if you really want to nap, you have to take the mother of all naps. Now the cool thing about this nap is that you get all the previous mentioned benefits BUT then your body thinks that it’s getting a full night’s sleep. HOW FREAKING COOL!

So here’s the break-down:

20 minute nap: Power nap to get back to work

35 minute nap: Helps clear mid-afternoon fogginess.

60 minute nap: Helps your cognitive ability.

90 minute nap: Helps overall (emotional and mental) well-being.

Yes, there are different kinds of naps but really does it matter? Uhhh, nope because if you need to nap during the day then go ahead and nap during the day you know your body the best so do what’s good for your body. And trust me everyone here at Leaner Creamer supports your decision to nap!

Happy Napping!


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