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Top Must Have Apps!

So we’re always talking about losing weight and gaining muscle right? But it seems that whenever we have any time off we go immediately to our phone for some entertainment or we just our phone to relax but either way we’re always on our phone. Well it’s time to put that phone into some good use!

So guess what I found?

I found some amazing fitness apps that are hopefully the right fit for your lifestyle!

  1. Nike+ Running App

    It’s free! But you can also pay for the more extended version but honestly I don’t think you’ll need it. One, it tracks your entire running distance without using any data and once you get to a wifi connection you can easily sync. They also have different challenges that you can join to inspire you for me they don’t actually work because running is a personal thing so challenging myself with others actually discourages me. Do you want to start running but don’t how to start? Well guess what? The Nike app provides a total of 12 different plans based on the distance you want to run (5K, 10K, 13.1 Mi., or 26.2 Mi.) and based on your level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced!). So go ahead and try it!

    1. Any Sworkit App

      It’s free too! They have different kinds like: ab & core, Upper Body, Butt, pretty much any target area. The cool thing about this is that they give you the different options based on time and level. And yes you can pick like a 5 minute workout but holy crap! It’s intense, you will be sore the next day. The app is pretty straightforward so it’s not confusing at all which is a perk. I personally do appreciate this app because it’s free and it’s basically a trainer in your pocket.

      1. Plant Nanny- Water Reminder with Cute Plants

        Free!! (Free apps are sort of my thing!) Okay so for months I had trouble drinking water and actually being accountable. My problem is that I wake up dehydrated so I drink two bottles of water (32 oz total) and then I don’t drink water for the rest of the day. And when I say I don’t drink water for the rest of the day I mean I don’t drink water, juice or soda I just won’t drink anything. So with this app I was introduced to the art of sipping. If you’re constantly sipping water then you’re constantly hydrating your body which is exactly what you need. If you’re constantly hydrating your body you’ll avoid headaches and midday fogginess. So when you download this app you have to pick a plant and you’ll have to name it. And then you’ll pick the size of bottle and it’ll give you a certain amount of water that you have to drink to keep you hydrated and your virtual plant. So give it a go and let me know how it goes.

        1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

            Free!! Having trouble counting calories? Fear no more. So this app is pretty cool because you can track everything you eat. And once you get used to tracking things down it actually helps with being accountable. For example a banana you just track it and voila you’ll be able to see how many calories you can still eat. And if you eat anything with a barcode then you can just scan that barcode for easy tracking.

            By the way, I’ve use all these apps at a certain point in my life based on my needs and wants at that time. So they’re Jackie tested and Jackie approved if that helps. If you have any questions about the apps go ahead and comment below, I’ll try to comment as fast as I can. & heck if you want a buddy on any of those apps just let me know, remember we’re a part of the same community now!

            Oh before I forget if you would like more app options that target a certain aspect of goals let me know and I’ll search and let you know. For example, if you want yoga apps, healthy eats apps, more exercise apps and so on!

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