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Let's Get to Know Eachother

Hi folks! So on October 20, 2016 it’s NATIONAL GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS DAY! And since we’re a small family owned company we want to get to know you! We want to get to get to know you because:

1: You’re practically family (honestly) if you support us we support you.

2: When you use #LEANERCREAMER on Instagram it gives us a chance to get to know you and honestly you post some inspiring stuff

3: You teach us the value of family.

4: We love celebrating all our little moments with you.

5: You help us grow and learn and I hope we help you too.

6: You tell us how it is. TBH y’all don’t hold back. (Side note: I got a lot of back lash for using the f word on the Starbucks blog, which I’m sorry if it offended you. I was trying to keep it real, and sometimes you know after a really long frustrating day you just say a bad word and you order what you want. So I’m sorry for using a vulgar word, I won’t explicitly write it anymore).

7: You bring happiness to our lives. Seriously, like reading your comments brings me so much joy because it gives me feedback and like wow you’re reading the stuff I write! Which is crazy and it makes me very happy. (I REALLY APPRECIATE IT (INSERT HEART EMOJI))

So those are seven little reasons why we appreciate you and the biggest reason why we love you is because you’re you and no one else can take that away from you. EVER. 

Okay but going back to the actual national holiday which is getting to know you!!

Let us know what makes you. I WANT THIS BLOG TO BE ALL ABOUT YOU!

Let’s create a thread by commenting below what makes us: Some possible ideas that you can write about are:

What makes you the happiest? (Family, pets, a sport?)

What’s your goal? (Being happy, Running a marathon? Acing that exam? Learning a language? Learning how to cook?)

What’s on your bucket list? (Swimming with the sharks? Sky diving?)

Your favorite color?

Your favorite number?

Your favorite kind of drink (non-alcoholic or alcoholic?)

Your favorite chocolate?

Your favorite song? The one that always gets you dancing!

Or share one good thing that you’re excited for? (Did you just get that job you’ve been wanting? Are you going to watch a movie? Are you going to treat yourself to something?)

You can share anything! ANYTHING! We just want to get to know you. Just like you support us, we want to do the same and support you!

Heck if you don’t want to comment below you can TWEET us @LEANERCREAMER on Twitter or TAG @LEANERCREAMER on Instagram! Hmm, and you can use #LEANERCREAMERFAMILY. (I’ll be waiting for your responses!)

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