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Halloween DIY

Hey friends, so we’ve received a lot of requests to create a DIY using Leaner Creamer bottles which then prompted us to coming up with easy DIY! (And yes I can say they are easy and this is coming from a person who in theory enjoys arts and crafts but is never really able to execute DIYs properly). SO obviously since Halloween is coming up our DIYs are inspired by the Halloween fun! The cool part about these DIYs is that they look like a million bucks and they add a nice touch to every home!!

Okay so for the first DIY we’re going to create a mummy because you obviously cannot have Halloween without Mummies!! Spooky right?

What you need:

Empty Leaner Creamer Bottle

Craft Glue

Off-White Cloth Ribbon 1” Wide

Wiggle Eyes

Take off the plastic label on the Leaner Creamer Bottle. (I know this step may be a bit frustrating!) Okay so you’re probably thinking well it’s still a bit sticky should I wash it? And the answer is no! This will help us!

Wrap the bottle with the ribbon. If you need more adhesive then use some craft glue!

Paste two wiggly eyes onto the bottle.

You got yourself a MUMMY!!

DIY Frosty Lights

There’s nothing spookier than being kept in the dark except for frosty ominous light or seeing a light far away!! So create that look with the Leaner Creamer bottle!

What you need:

“Sea Glass” Ice Frost Spray Paint

Chalkboard Stickers or Chalkboard Posts

Chalk Markers

“Fairy” LED Lights

Spray paint the bottle with the “Sea Glass” Ice Frost Spray paint. When you’re spray painting its best to lay out old cloth or material you don’t care about so you don’t get your floors or table spray painted!!

Helpful tip, tilt the bottle! It helps with spray painting the bottle evenly!

Place the Fairy LED Lights inside the bottle!

Write whatever comes in mind on a Chalkboard Sticker like “Boo” or “Happy Halloween!”

Place the chalkboard sticker onto the bottle.


Okay this next DIY I’m calling is the Witches Spell. (It’s actually very cute and it might possibly be my favorite one!!)

What you need:

Chalkboard Spray Paint

Gold Leaf Flakes


Craft Glue


Spray paint the Leaner Creamer bottle.

Add some glue onto the bottle. (Make sure you have a design in mind because you’ll be adding the glue depending on where you’d like the gold flakes at).

Add the flakes onto the bottle. Use the brush to position the flakes to where you want them to be. (Don’t use your hands it gets really messy and it becomes frustrating!)

Tadaa! There you have it! We created a small broom on the bottle and we absolutely adore it! You can add rings to the bottle or whatever you’d like, the possibilities are endless!!


Okay this one is really simple too!! It adds a small personal touch to your décor!

What you need:

Chalkboard Spray Paint

Metallic Finishing Paint, Espresso Colored

Cord, Yellow, Orange or Brown

Pewter Tags

Spray Paint the empty Leaner Creamer bottle. Let this completely dry.

Once dry you can paint metallic streaks onto the bottle using a brush.

Using the orange or brown cord wrap it around the opening of the bottle. You can add pewter tags as you continue to tie around the cord.  Tie a knot.


There you have it, simple ways to reuse your empty Leaner Creamer bottles as cute and fun Halloween decorations!!! I really hope you enjoyed these.

Comment below which one is your favorite.

Or TWEET @LEANERCREAMER on Twitter or TAG @LEANERCREAMER on Instagram to show off your Halloween decorations using #LEANERCREAMER!!

I absolutely cannot wait to see your creations!!!

Have a Happy Halloween!

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