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Detox Water

Hey friends! So we all know the importance of drinking water especially when you’re exercising or during hot weather but did you know you can make some detox water? Detox water is water and some ingredients that will help flush out the toxins that can make you feel bloated, sick, or just not you. And the beauty of detox water is that there are so many different kinds of recipes out there so the possibilities are endless and it’ll still hydrate you. So below are a few recipes that I find best. And the directions are quite simple and the same for all of them.


Slice all ingredients. (Small enough that they fit in your water bottle or glass of choice).

Combine all ingredients in the glass with water.


(Note: I actually enjoy making a batch so like a pitcher of water with the added ingredients and I let that soak overnight so the water really absorbs the nutrients that the fruits give.)

(Note: When you make a batch don’t let it soak over 12 hours- the water is still drinkable but it doesn’t have a very pleasant taste.)

For one glass: (Helps slim the belly)



3 Basil Leaves (Chopped)

1 Strawberry (sliced)

4 Slices of Cucumbers

And if you’d like to make a bigger batch then just double or triple the recipe depending on what you would like.

For one glass: (Boosts your metabolism)

2 slices of Lemon

1 Slice of Grapefruit

2 Slices of Lime

3 Slices of Cucumber

6 Mint Leaves



For one glass: (Reduces Stress)



1 Strawberry Sliced

2 slices of Lime

4 Slices of Cucumber

2 Mint Leaves, Chopped

For a glass: (Delicious and Flushes Out Toxins)

3-4 Cubed Pieces of Watermelon

3 Slices of Cucumber



2 Slices of Lemon

2 Chopped Mint Leaves

There you have it four delicious recipes that can make your water pack an extra punch. You’ll be receiving a lot more energy with these recipes because they’ll have a lot more nutrients and you’ll stay hydrated!

Let me know if you have your own version of detox/spa water by commenting below!


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