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Dealing With Stress


“STRESS….” it even has an...EKKK...sound to it!

Stress can be the main source of many of our daily mental and health problems. Stress can cause us to gain weight and that can cause us to stress and gain more weight!! It's a never ending cycle.

In some cases it can result in temporary deprivation of hunger but in the long-term it actually boosts your hunger. Have you ever felt like the world is on top of you and all you want to do is stuff your face with food? Well this feeling is called “fight-or-flight response”. According to Web MD, this is when our survival mode kicks in and causes us to over eat as a sign of overload of stress.

Our brain thinks that when we are over stressed that we must be doing some intense physical work, which triggers the brain to think we need more fuel. The feeling of “hunger” is just an illusion of our brain thinking that we need calories to replenish burned calories- which is not the case. This causes us to gain lots of unnecessary weight.   

One of the main reason why losing weight can be hard for some of us is because we stress too much over simple things.

Exercise, but don’t over do it and take a light walk. Meditate, clear your mind from those evil cookies. Go to sleep, drink lots of water and talk to your friends.

We all struggle, we all have stress. It is just what we do!

Take a big breath and don’t worry about what you have not seen yet.

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