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Coconut Oil Health Benefits

So we often hear products saying their product is healthy because the product has some coconut oil. And at first we’re like “ooh okay that’s cool”, it has coconut and coconuts are healthy but we never really understand why having coconut oil is a good thing. But holy crap there are so many health benefits to coconut oil and now I truly understand why a product makes such a big deal about having coconut oil!

Below are a few health benefits to having coconut oil:

1. Ingesting Coconut Oil is a part of a Natural Treatment for People with Alzheimer’s:

So when someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s they’re most likely losing the ability to create their own insulin. So coconut oil has become a source of a natural treatment because they can create ketones from the coconut oil which ultimately becomes an alternate source of energy that can help brain function.

2. Helps your cholesterol!

Coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats which sounds like a bad thing but I can assure you it’s not. Saturated fats actually increase your healthy cholesterol and they transform your bad cholesterol into goo cholesterol! DOUBLE BONUS! Overall, coconut oil promotes heart health and helps lower the risk of any heart disease.

3. Boosts your immune system!

Coconut oil has lauric acid. Lauric acid helps fight bacteria that stem from viruses. Diseases are usually caused by the increased amount of bad bacteria that is fostered in your body but if you consume more products with coconut oil or consume coconut oil in general you increase your lauric acid intake which ultimately helps you become immune.

4. Helps cure UTIs and Kidney Infections!

Coconut Oil can work as a natural antibiotic by killing the bacteria that foster a UTI or a Kidney infection. Have some kidney stones? Drink some coconut water! Added bonus: coconut oil can protect your liver!


So no wonder why Leaner Creamer makes such a big deal of having coconut oil in their product. I mean I would too if it has so many health benefits! So don’t feel guilty when you treat yourself to a bottle of Leaner Creamer or when you add some Leaner Creamer into your coffee or smoothies!!

Comment below and let us know what’s your favorite health benefit!


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