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Bottoms Up!


So guess what family? I’m 21!!! Do you know what that means!? It means I can drink alcohol and I’m very happy about it. And there’s no doubt that I have to be careful when I drink alcohol because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but alcohol is usually high in sugar. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let lose! So I’ve compiled a list of the alcoholic beverages you should give a chance if you’re watching sugar intake, counting calories or just want to drink somethine healthier.

  1. VODKA

Vodkas is usually a clear type of alcohol unless you’ve mixed it with a chaser. Vodka is usually healthier than lots of other spritzers because they have zero carbs and very low in calories. And it gets the job done!


Have you heard that an ounce of whiskey is actually good for you? Yup, that’s right. Whiskey can actually reduce your risk of a stroke or of cancer and if on a diet and still looking for a buzz. LOOK NO MORE; whiskey is free of fat. WHISKEY can be healthier of course everything in moderation because after two ounces of whiskey your body actually incorporates the healthy benefits as plain sugar which then corrupts your body.

  1. GIN

So apparently there’s a study that has found that gin is actually healthy for you because of the antioxidants found. And when you consume these antioxidants it can actually make you look younger? I know crazy but then again make sure to consume everything in moderation, ‘cause too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing and we wouldn’t want that.

  1. WINE

Drinking wine can help you actually aid in weight loss just because it helps you maintain a healthier weight. (THIS IS ACTUALLY PRETTY COOL). Can actually help prevent ovarian cancer and help prevent type two diabetes. AND as an added bonus it can help build your bones because it can boost your estrogen levels which can help maintain your bones stronger for longer preventing bone degeneration!


So there you have it different types of alcohol that are healthier options for you!

Let me know which one is your favorite!

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  • Jackeline on

    Hey @Sandra YAY!!! I’m happy (very happy) to know that you love these topics, honestly I am! You’ve made my night! If you have any suggestions let me know by commenting or tweeting me @HIJACKELINE or commenting on Instagram @THEJACKELINE ! WELCOME TO THE LEANER CREAMER FAMILY, WE’RE SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU!!! XOXO

  • Jackeline on

    Whoa @Cyndie I haven’t had a White Russian but that sounds delicious right about now!!! I have to try it soon. Do you have any other favorites? Let me know, I’m compiling a list of drinks I have to try!! Thanks :)


    White Russian sounds pretty good about now with that vodka, or whiskey and your creamer =Irish Coffee ?I’m getting thirsty.

  • Sandra Gonzalez on

    I love these little topics .. happy to have joined the leaner creamer family… ?

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