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Boost Your Energy

By Jackeline Soto

I don’t know about you but I sometimes become sluggish and tired after a long day of classes or work. Now being sluggish is not uncommon but there are activities to combat the tiredness.

For example:

Drinking water!

If you don’t drink water you increase the risk of being dehydrated. The consequences of being dehydrated: becoming sluggish, tiredness, headaches and fogginess (like it takes you longer to think or it takes you longer to process information). Overall, your quality of life benefits when you drink a substantial amount of water to support your body.


There is nothing absolutely better than stretching a bit when you’ve been sitting all day. When I’ve been sitting for a long period of the day (usually 3-4 hrs at a time) I enjoy stretching because it allows for better circulation which ultimately leads to an increase in my energy levels. And stretching allows you to reduce the tension stored in your muscles.


When I say snacking I don’t mean chips or fries I mean an apple or a few almonds something that is packed with vitamins and minerals to boost your health. When you feel sluggish it’s probably because your blood sugar levels are dropping and you can avoid this by eating something nutritious and delicious.


Taking a brisk walk midday can help you maintain a healthy weight and helps blood flow. Change things up a bit and enjoy some fresh air. Taking a 15 minute walk is proven to increase productivity and proven to strengthen your muscles.


Yup, it’s true going to sleep is very beneficial for increasing alertness. Now I’m not saying take an hour nap because that just adds to your grogginess but a quick 20 to 30 minute nap helps fight the midday tiredness.

Or maybe make yourself a cup of coffee with Leaner Creamer. The caffeine in coffee will definitely keep you awake and alert and added bonus Leaner Creamer is a healthy additive to your coffee!

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