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Lunch Break Workout with Brand Ambassador Lauren


At Leaner Creamer, we believe that a healthy diet must be complemented by exercise. The developer of Leaner Creamer came up with his healthy creamer concept at one of the first office's he worked in, and wants to allow those individuals stuck behind a desk a series of afternoon workouts to kickstart that uber healthy lifestyle.

In this workout vid, certified personal trainer Lauren Tolat shows us that even in the office or behind the desk, we can get that heart rate up and burn those unnecessary calories!

A Little Ditty About Lauren 

Instagram: @Ltolat
Facebook: lauren.tolat
Lauren Tolat is a 22-year old NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, nutrition coach, a doctoral pharmacy student, and a fitness model. Her work and achievements at the University of Houston's Recreation and Wellness Center have landed her many clients, mainly females, of varying age ranges and physical conditions, who have a unifying goal of improving their health & fitness. Lauren Tolat has become the go-to fitness trainer for many females at her campus gym for various goals: to lose weight, to tone, to gain more lean muscle, and to achieve better cardiovascular endurance.
A full-time pharmacy student pursuing her Pharm.D doctoral degree, Lauren Tolat combines her health & fitness coaching expertise with the knowledge-base that comes from a profession rooted in preventative health and medicine. Pharmacy, as she defines, consists of two parts: prevention and treatment. Her schooling and training has oriented her to practice preventative medicine to prevent chronic health problems (blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol screenings) and in the event that a person is diagnosed with a condition, to implement lifestyle changes to improve their condition: nutrition & exercise. In fact, this portion of her training has played a greater role in shaping her ability to become a lifestyle coach over what some people regard in the profession as just "drugs" or "pills." With a doctoral degree in pharmacy soon to come, Lauren seeks to combine her passion for fitness with her passion for the medical field.
Lauren's work, passion, and desire for improvement has become a part of her lifestyle. Her physique has led her to be consistently called upon to be a cover model for various fitness companies and she has been featured on several print ads and catalogues. She has even landed campaigns with national companies, gracing the covers of Six02 and Footlocker ads all across the nation. 
Lauren Tolat, CPhT, NASM-CPT

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